Signature Basic Soups To Master Appetizers

Master Basics Soups to Create Your Own Soup Recipes. Learn to master 15 different types of Soups.

Choose Healthy. Become a Soup Pro!

What you'll learn

  • Get to know the Basic Soup Varieties To Create Your Own Soup Recipes
  • Understanding the Difference Between Thick Soups and Thin Soups
  • Understanding the Differences between Stock and Broth
  • 5 Types of Thick Soups
  • Cream Soup
  • Puree Soup
  • Bisque
  • Chowder Soup
  • Veloute Soup
  • 2 Types of Thin Soups
  • Broth/ Bouillon
  • Consommé.
  • Cold Soups, Gazpacho Varieties
  • Asian Soup Varieties and its significance in Appetizers Menu
  • Best Tips for the Preparation and the Service of Soups in Restaurants
  • Special Garnishing Techniques for the Eye Catching Appetizers

Choose Healthy. Become a Soup Pro!

Choose Healthy. Become a Soup Pro!


Keen Interest and Passion to Learn Culinary Arts from the Scratch


This course is all about the "Soups".

There are 6 varieties of basic soups under Thick & Thin Soups category.

By knowing this basic six variety and understanding its differences, anyone could create their own signature soup recipes. In simple term, we could say, in this course you will learn the "Basic Formula of Soup Making", which will help you to unleash the creativity of making your own soups.

Thin Soups has 2 types which are Unpassed and Passed. Broth/Bouillon comes under unpassed soups, while consommé comes under Passed Soups.

Thick Soups has 5 types which are Puree, Cream, Bisque, Veloutes and Chowder.

Learning all these basic types and its differences gives you a clear understanding about the differences in different varieties of soup. To learn differences between the Stock & Broth on soups and how to prepare it is also covered in this course.

I teach 15 soup varieties in this course to enable you to be able to make "World Class Signature Appetizers".

I have also explained special tips for the preparation and the service of appetizers at Hotels & Restaurants. Also covered the commonly used garnishes for the soups, to bring Eye Catching appearance to the Soups.

This course also includes the material, which explains preparation all the soup categories.

Who this course is for:

  • Hotel Management Students and Budding chefs. Anyone who is Eager to become a professional Chef or Cook
  • Anyone who is interested in learning about the soups and Appetizers
  • Owners in Restaurant Business to improve their Appetizers Menu
  • Chefs who wanted to bring their signature soup recipes in their Hotel or Restaurants Menu Card.
  • Food Business Entrepreneurs (Both Small and Large Scale Restaurants)

Choose Healthy. Become a Soup Pro!