Learn to make 25 Masala Powders of Indian Cuisine

⭐Your Indian dish is only as good as your Indian Masala Powder!✨

Add Masala to your Life!

What you'll learn

  • How to make 25 types of Indian spices at home, which decides the taste of Indian cuisine.
  • Secrets of masala powders and taste associated with it.
  • How to make a high quality Indian masala powders in a cost effective manner without any preservatives
  • Basics of how to use each masala powders on various different Indian recipes
  • How to store the prepared masala and what would be the expiry of each masala based on the ingredients used to prepare it.
  • Benefits of making your own masala powders by own instead of purchasing a ready made masala powders
  • Why masala powders are the game changer of the Indian cuisine
  • Mastering the masalas of Indian kitchen is equal to enhancing the taste of any and every Indian recipes
  • Knowing the recipes of these masala powders will increase the confidence on the taste of Indian cuisine

Add Masala to your Life!

Add Masala to your Life!


Keen interest towards Indian Cuisine and eagerness to master the taste of Indian cuisine


Unleash the Flavour Revolution: Mastering the Art of Indian Masala Powders!

⭐ Elevate Your Recipes: Take control of the taste and quality of your Indian dishes with our comprehensive course on creating high-quality, preservative-free masala powders. Learn the secrets to crafting authentic flavours that will make your recipes stand out from the crowd.✨

⭐ Cost-Effective and Sustainable: Say goodbye to expensive store-bought masala powders. By mastering these recipes, you'll save money and create sustainable cooking standards. Embrace the art of making your own masala powders and experience the true essence of Indian cuisine.✨

The "Challenge of Taste": Prepare to be amazed by the exceptional flavors of our carefully curated 25 masala powders. These secret ingredients will transform your recipes and leave a lasting impression. Step up to the challenge and discover the difference for yourself. ?✨

Unlock Your Culinary Confidence: By the end of this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to create exceptional dishes and be the sole arbiter of taste in your kitchen. Become the best chef you can be and unleash your culinary creativity in the vibrant world of Indian cuisine.✨

⏳ Expiry Period and Storage Tips: Learn how to maximize the shelf life of each masala powder and ensure their freshness for future culinary adventures. Our course covers everything you need to know about storing and preserving your homemade masala powders.✨

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Who this course is for:

  • Hotel Management Students
  • Budding Chef
  • Indian Food Business Entrepreneurs (Both Small and Large Scale Restaurants)
  • Homemakers
  • Anyone who is interested in learning about the basics of Indian Kitchen
  • Anyone who is interested in mastering the taste of Indian cuisine
  • Indian Food lovers

Add Masala to your Life!