6 Basic Indian Gravies for 1000+ Gravies

Learn how to make 6 Basic Indian Gravies that serve as the base for entire Indian Cuisine. Not only that, you will also learn how to make 15 indian recipes using the 6 gravies that you learnt.

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What you'll learn

  • How to make 6 types of gravies in Indian Cuisine
  • How make 15 dishes using the 6 types of gravies.
  • This Course is all about the Indian basic gravies which are the core of any Indian kitchen operation
  • This course helps anyone to understand the formula of how the 6 basic Indian gravies are converted into 1000's of other Indian curries.
  • Basic understanding of differences between the Gravies and Curries
  • Once by understanding this formula, any budding chef (or anyone who is interested in Indian cuisine) could create their own recipes
  • Will be useful for running in both À la carte and Table d'hôte hotels and restaurants
  • Learn 6 gravies to create 1000+ Gravies

Cook Indian Cusine tonight!

Course content

12 sections • 28 lectures • 1h 53m total length

Cook Indian Cusine tonight!


  • Interest towards learning Indian Kitchen and Cuisine from scratch


Discover the Heartbeat of Indian Cuisine: Mastering the Art of Basic Gravies!

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Limitless Culinary Creativity: Dive deep into the versatile world of Indian curries as we guide you on transforming these 6 basic gravies into over 1000 delectable variations. Unleash your culinary imagination and craft an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian masterpieces that will leave everyone craving for more. ✨

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Who this course is for:

  • Hotel Management Students
  • Budding Chef
  • Indian Food Business Entrepreneurs (Both Small and Large Scale Restaurants)
  • Anyone who is interested in learning about the basics of Indian Kitchen
  • Indian Food lovers
  • Anyone wanting to understand Indian kitchen operation from scratch

Cook Indian Cusine tonight!