10 World Famous Tandoor Chicken Skewers | Tikka and Kebabs

Become a Tandoor Chicken Masterchef. From Star Recipes to Street Snacks, you will learn 10 tandoori skewers from a professional chef.

Make Tandoori Chicken Tonight!

What you'll learn

  • This Course is all about World Famous Chicken Tikka and Kebabs
  • Basic understanding of differences between Tandoor, Tikka/skewers and Kebabs
  • To master the basics of Tandoor Recipes and Authentic Tandoori Marination Techniques
  • Restaurateur to add high selling tandoor recipes to their Menu card
  • Chefs to improve the quality of their existing tandoor recipes in their cooking operation
  • This course can help not only chefs, cooks, but also home makers and any one who is interested in Tandoor Recipes
  • Tips on how to avoid most commonly made mistakes while making Chicken Tikka and Kebabs

Make Tandoori Chicken Tonight!

Make Tandoori Chicken Tonight!


  • Keen interest and passion to learn culinary arts from the scratch
  • Keen interest on learning the Tandoor recipes
  • Eager to become best chef or cook
  • Basic knowledge about the important Tandoor Recipes is Welcome


This course is all about world famous Tandoor Chicken Skewers/Tikka and Kebabs.

This course helps you to master the authentic marination recipes of the high selling and most famous chicken tikka and kebabs.

This course is especially targeted for budding chefs, hotel management students, any cooks and homemakers who are interested in developing their culinary knowledge in the tandoor chicken recipes.

This course is mainly focused on the high selling chicken tikka and kebabs from star hotels to street foods.

So this course will be an asset for the restaurantiers who would like to improve their chicken kebab and tikka recipes, or to add the tandoor recipes to their menu card.

Definitely a wise investment to catch the taste buds of the tandoor lovers.

There is a general myth that tandoor recipes cannot be cooked at home, but this course will break that myth and prove it could be easily made by anyone even at home.

In the lectures, I instructed the cooking with 200-250g grams quantity of chicken, because based on the previous experience from other students, it's more easy to try it at small quantity in the initial stage before getting onto bulk cooking operation.

In order also to favor the bulk cooking operation for restaurateur, I included the material in this course, which illustrate the same recipes for the 1kg proportion.

The 10 varieties which are shown in this course are Tandoori Chicken Skewers | Tikka and Kebab, Murgh Malai Chicken Skewers | Tikka amd Kebab, Hariyali Chicken Skewers | Tikka and Kebab, Reshmi Chicken Skewers | Tikka and Kebab, Lehsani Chicken Skewers | Tikka, Bihari Chicken Skewers | Tikka, Pahadi Chicken Skewers | Tikka, Achari Chicken Skewers | Tikka, Persian Chicken Skewers | Tikka, Tangidi Chicken Kebab.

7 Different type of marination techniques are included in the course.

White marination, Green Marination, Yellow marination, Garlic marination, Bihari marination, Pahadi marination, Achari marination.

Who this course is for:

  • Hotel Management Students
  • Home Cooks / Cooks
  • Budding Chef
  • Anyone who is interested in learning about the Tandoor kitchen operation and Recipes
  • Anyone interested to understand and practice how make authentic Tandoor recipes
  • Homemakers
  • "Chicken Lovers" - Everyone who loves to cook and eat chicken

Make Tandoori Chicken Tonight!