The easiest Italian pizza

Learn to make Authentic Italian pizza in teglia

What you'll learn

  • Make the easiest pizza dough
  • Make the most of your regular oven
  • Learn how to treat two of the most common pizza toppings
  • Figure out the exact amount of dough needed

Cook your Pizza Now!


No requirements and no tools are needed.


As a professional pizzaiolo and pizza educator, I have taught hundreds of pizza lovers. From time to time, I had the chance to get in touch with struggling students who shared with me their difficulties:

"Ehy Fabio, no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to knead/stretch/bake the right way and I can't get the same result that you get"

You see, this is absolutely normal as we all have different manual dexterity and, for some of us, learning might take longer than for others!

You don't have to compare yourself with others, especially with professionals. Eventually we all get there, but in the meantime you still might want to bake the most satisfying pizza.

So why not consider something with a smoother learning curve?

To make this pizza you don't need any skill at all:

- NO kneading involved
- NO stretching involved
- NO fancy tools involved
- NO super powerful oven involved

You only need a bit of free time.

In fact, the preparation of the dough happens with a few quick, easy gestures with 15-20 minutes wait in between. I promise that the result is worth it: you'll get a light, digestible pizza, full of air pockets and with an amazing texture.

Who this course is for:

Absolute beginners and/or pizza lovers who struggle with kneading, handling & stretching pizza dough