Chinese: explained basics

Learn over 150 Chinese characters in an engaging and entertaining way with our interactive course!

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What you'll learn

  • You will learn over 150 Chinese characters!
  • Learn some interesting facts about Chinese culture
  • Discover Chinese history that will help you in understanding and remembering Chinese characters
  • Learning basic grammar structures used in Mandarin Chinese

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Course content

4 sections • 28 lectures • 2h 31m total length

  1. Introduction to the Course
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  2. 10 basic characteristics of Chinese
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  3. Practical basics of Mandarin Chinese
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  4. Glossary - over 150 characters repeated with Chinese pronunciation!
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  • No previous knowledge about Chinese is required.
  • Course is suitable for beginners as well as people wishing to systematize their knowledge about basic grammar, characters but also culture and history of Chinese language and China, in general.



Welcome to our Chinese explained: basics course!

Our aim is to make learning Chinese more interesting and entertaining than standard video courses!

We are experts in teaching Chinese Mandarin as well as in multimedia production so we did our best to make this course enjoyable to everyone!

Chinese explained: basics course is dedicated to beginners learning Chinese, who wish to understand what they are learning, get to know Chinese culture a little bit better as well as learn to communicate basic ideas in Mandarin.

Through the course you will learn over 150 Chinese characters!

The course is divided into three parts.

  1. The first part is more theoretical, a kind of introduction into the “Chinese world”. In this section, we will focus on 10 basic characteristics of Chinese language divided respectively into 12 videos.
  2. The second part focuses on learning basic grammar structures and sentence patterns. Those videos include real-life dialogues between me, your teacher, and another character, 小云 (Xiǎoyún), who is a Native Chinese speaker.In this part you can not only learn, but also practice using basic greetings, asking basic questions and providing simple answers.
  3. The last, third part of Chinese explained: basics course is a revision video and a glossary of all the characters and words that we have learnt together throughout the course. We have combined over 150 characters with graphics, videos and Chinese native pronunciation, so that you can practice with it anytime

If you wish to know more about us or about the course, don’t hesitate any more and try it out!

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