Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for Beginners

Course Details

This course is ideal for people not familiar with the Cryptocurrency world, who want to take their first step to learning about it today.

After this course, you will:

  • Understand how the Blockchain technology works at a 10,000 foot level
  • Understand applications of Blockchain beyond just trading
  • Take your first steps in the Cryptocurrency world


Many people take a long time looking for a good industry to get into as the available industries mature and get more competitive. I've observed this with many industries like the SEO industry, Ecommerce, Elearning, and much more. Don't stand on the sidelines planning. Start doing instead. We are already quite a ways into the Cryptocurrency space, but if you look at the big picture, today is still a good time to get into it.


The content in this course is based on what I wish I had a full understanding of early on. When I started in the Cryptocurrency space, I only had half-understanding of many concepts which prevented me from making the best investments I could and making the best decisions I could. So I added those concepts to this course so you don't have to struggle with them.


The content in this course is not investment advice, not legal advice, and not accounting advice.


You will have to sign up for some services shown in the course and some services are paid. I am only showing you industry-standard services and I don't profit from showing them to you. I only show them for educational purposes.

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